Senior Consultant - Management Consulting
Bachelor of Arts & Law (Hons), ANU - Canberra, ACT
Grad Diploma in Legal Prac, ANU - Canberra, ACT
Consultant, Public Policy NGO - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Public Health Policy Researcher, Academia - Singapore
Senior Consultant, Management Consulting - Sydney, NSW



Consultant, Big 3 Consulting Firm - Melbourne, VIC
Bachelor of Engineering, UTas - Hobart, TAS
MBA, UTas - Hobart, TAS
Civil Engineer - Hobart, TAS
Graduate Program, Commercial Bank - Melbourne, VIC
Consultant, Big 3 Consulting Firm - Melbourne, VIC



Senior Manager, M&A Strategy, Prof. Services Firm - Melbourne, VIC
Cadetship, Audit, Professional Services Firm - Melbourne, VIC
Bachelor of Commerce, UoM - Melbourne, VIC
Associate Director, Transaction Services, Prof. Serv. Firm - Melb, VIC
Senior Manager, Strategy (M&A), Prof. Serv. Firm - Melbourne, VIC
MBA, Melbourne Business School - Melbourne, VIC



Senior Consultant - Professional Services Firm
Bachelor of Arts, UoM - Melbourne, VIC
Facilitator, Not-for-profit - Sydney, NSW
Juris Doctor, UNSW - Sydney NSW
Senior Consultant, Professional Services Firm - Sydney NSW